Is OpenMP a standard, a specification?

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Is OpenMP a standard, a specification?

Post by Stephane »


I am wondering if OpenMP is a specification or a standard, and in the second case, is it ISO, ANSI? I couldn't find any clear answer to that on the web.

And, well, you know, I have a boss who likes standards... :D

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Re: Is OpenMP a standard, a specification?

Post by nathanweeks »

It's a specification whose support is so widespread that it's pretty much a de facto standard (like MPI).

A partial list (off the top of my head, I'd add the OpenUH and Cray compilers) that support OpenMP
is here:

Not every compiler that supports OpenMP supports the latest version of the specification (3.0), but at least
the GCC, Intel, PGI, Sun Studio, IBM, and Cray compilers do.
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