Grill the OpenMP Committee - Table Your Questions Here

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Grill the OpenMP Committee - Table Your Questions Here

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At OpenMPCon (28-30 Sept - Aachen, Germany) the OpenMP ARB will be hosting a Grill the Committee session which will offer the chance to have all your OpenMP questions addressed as the panel is made up of members of the C++ Standards Committee – you, the audience asks the questions.

So what would you like to know about how the OpenMP Specification happens, especially OpenMP 4.1 (scheduled to be released at Supercomputing 2015). Perhaps you have some thoughts on the future directions of the specification, membership and organizational changes to the OpenMP ARB, or maybe you would just like to grill the current or past CEOs. The floor is yours!

To find out more, including details of the panelists, visit the blog by Michael Wong, CEO OpenMP ARB.

If you can’t make it to the event itself but would like to table some questions, please add to this thread our use the contact form on the OpenMPCon website to Table Your Questions in Advance.

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P.S. Latest News: Prof. William M. Tang from the Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory will be presenting a keynote at OpenMPCon on the topic of OpenMP-Enabled Scalable Scientific Software for Extreme Scale Applications: Fusion Energy Science.