The book and OpenMP 4.0

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The book and OpenMP 4.0

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The future OpenMP 4.0 includes important features in the standard as the "cancel" instruction, the SIMD features and, above all (IMHO), the support for accelerators. Is planned a new edition of the book in order to cover this new capabilities?

Anyone knows if any compiler is working in the implementation of the new upcoming standard? What about in Oracle, Ruud?


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Re: The book and OpenMP 4.0

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I posted my discussion of how OpenMP 4 is working on current Intel and gnu compilers at ... timization
based on tests of C, C++, Fortran (and combination with Cilk(tm) Plus) on Windows and linux.
Test cases at

My "accelerator" testing is limited to Intel compilers for Intel(r) Xeon Phi(tm). The test cases all run in native mode. If there is demand I will post versions of the test suite for Fortran omp target, which began working with the current 15.0 release.

As far as I can see, OpenMP 4 has not (yet?) proven a popular replacement for proprietary OpenMP-like systems for "accelerators" in p target mode.