COPYIN with allocatable arrays

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COPYIN with allocatable arrays

Post by jakub »

For COPYIN, the requirement that allocatable is allocated has been dropped, but it is unclear what should be performed in that case. If the threadprivate allocatable in the master thread is not currently allocated, does it mean that no restrictions on if the threadprivate is or is not allocated before in other threads? What should COPYIN do in that case? I think Fortran 90/95 doesn't allow intrinsic assignment if it is not currently allocated.

I assume resolution of ... rt=10#p292
is waiting for OpenMP 4.0 if it takes Fortran 2003/2008 into account, right?

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Re: COPYIN with allocatable arrays

Post by ejd »

Jakub -

Thank you for your comment. You have found a problem where the draft doesn't correctly state what the action should be. I have forwarded it to the language committee and it will be addressed shortly.