OpenMP at SC16 Salt Lake City

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OpenMP at SC16 Salt Lake City

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Join us in Salt Lake City for SuperComputing 2016 where we will have a BOF, workshops, and our usual booth talks and beer in our booth (#611).

Check out the new OpenMP Event Calendar for all the latest SC16 events.

Booth Talks

Attend our popular Booth Talk series in Booth #611 where OpenMP experts share tips, tricks, and the latest on OpenMP. We will have a prize drawing for an OpenMP t-shirt after each presentation (so bring your business card to drop into the bowl!)
Tuesday Booth Talks (Nov 15):

11:15 am – “BOLT: OpenMP over Lightweight Threads” – Sangmin Seo, Argonne National Laboratory
1:15 pm -“IBM XL compiler: OpenMP offloading support for GPU"– Kelvin Li (IBM)
2:15 pm – “Sorting Things Out With Tasks” – Ruud van der Pas, Oracle
3:15 pm – “Hello Exascale World” – Greg Rodgers, AMD

Wednesday Booth Talks (Nov 16)

11:15 am – “Intel Compiler and Runtime Support for OpenMP 4.5 Offloading” – Xinmin Tian, Intel
1:15 pm - “LLVM-Based Tool for Guided Parallelization with OpenMP”- Manuel Arenaz, Appentra, University of Coruña, Spain
2:15 pm – “OpenMP in Embedded Systems” – Sunita Chandrasekaran, University of Delaware
3:15 pm – “Writing Performance-portable OpenMP 4.5” – Matt Martineau, University of Bristol

BOF, Tutorials, and Talks
Tutorials: Sunday (Nov 13)

2:00pm – 2:30pm: SC16 PMBS16:Performance Analysis and Optimization of Clang’s OpenMP 4.5 GPU Support (Rm 155-B)

Tutorials: Monday (Nov 14)

8:30am -12pm: Programming Your GPU with OpenMP: A Hands-On Introduction (Rm 255-B)
8:30am – 5pm: Advanced OpenMP: Performance and 4.5 Features (Rm 255-B)
1:30pm – 5pm: Programming Irregular Applications with OpenMP: A Hands-On Introduction (Rm 155-E)
2:45pm – 3pm: A Modern Memory Management System for OpenMP (Rm 251-C)
4:25pm – 4:50pm: Exploring Compiler Optimization Opportunities for the OpenMP 4.x Accelerator Model on a POWER8+GPU Platform (Rm 251-C)

BOF: Tuesday (Nov 15)

5:15pm-7pm: OpenMP: Where Is It Now and Where Is It Going? (rm 355-E)

Poster: Tuesday (Nov 15)

5:15pm-7pm: Demonstrating the Impact of OpenMP Overheads in Multi-Physics Using a Mini App (South Foyer)

Talk: Wednesday (Nov 16)

3:30-4pm: Translating OpenMP Device Constructs to OpenCL Using Unnecessary Data Transfer Elimination (Rm 355-D)

Reference Guides

Pick up your free reference guide to OpenMP API version 4.0 or 4.5 (Fortran or C/C++) in the Booth #611.
Beer Socials

Join us at 4pm in Booth #611 on Tuesday and Wednesday for beer, hang out with the OpenMP team and hear about the most popular open API for HPC: OpenMP.
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