depends clause with array

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depends clause with array

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Looking at the example, I only see one example with dependency on array :

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// Assume BS divides N perfectly
void matmul_depend(int N, int BS, float A[N][N], float B[N][N], float C[N][N] ){
   int i, j, k, ii, jj, kk;
   for (i = 0; i < N; i+=BS) {
      for (j = 0; j < N; j+=BS) {
         for (k = 0; k < N; k+=BS) {
#pragma omp task depend ( in: A[i:BS][k:BS], B[k:BS][j:BS] ) \
            depend ( inout: C[i:BS][j:BS] )
            for (ii = i; ii < i+BS; ii++ )
               for (jj = j; jj < j+BS; jj++ )
                  for (kk = k; kk < k+BS; kk++ )
                     C[ii][jj] = C[ii][jj] + A[ii][kk] * B[kk][jj];
This code is interesting but looks wrong as it use VLA. I mean it does the multiplication of matrix in C but C being a VLA parameter of the function, it is a deep copy of the C argument so nothing output will come from this function. Also it will lead to really bad performance as a deep copy for 3 "big" array will happen.

Also, VLA are optional with C11, is it required to support them for OpenMP 4.0?

Does someone have another code to test dependencies on array?

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Re: depends clause with array

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The declaration statement for a temporary or variable array can contain a HAVING clause. The HAVING clause associates a label, format, and informat attribute with the array. If the array is a variable array, then the HAVING clause is also associated with the variables referenced by the variable array. You can refer this website to know more about writing works.