Fortran parameter

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Fortran parameter

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I checked the 3.1 specification (and 3.0) and found no entry that a fortran parameter can not be used within a shared list, if I use a DEFAULT(NONE) clause. Maybe this could be added for clarification, here a short example, which is not possible:

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If Y_FU_MIN has not the paramter attribute, it will work...
I had this problem and first I didn't know what the compiler tried to tell me, thus I recommend to add this to the Spec for the Shared-clause


Re: Fortran parameter

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OpenMP specs clearly state more than once that data-sharing attributes apply only to variables.
Fortran parameters do not match the OpenMP definition of a variable (see Glossary, section 1.2.4), as their values cannot be redefined. Consequently, they are not affected by data-sharing defaults nor allowed on data-sharing clauses.

You can safely remove Y_FU_MIN from the list of shared variables, as it's not needed. Its value will be accessible in the PARALLEL construct, no matter what the DEFAULT() is.