Consequences of assumed-size being predetermined

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Consequences of assumed-size being predetermined

Post by jakub »

Why is:
Assumed-size arrays may not appear in a {private,firstprivate,lastprivate,reduction} clause.
mentioned in 2.9.3.{3,4,5,6}? When assumed-size is predetermined, says:
Variables with predetermined data-sharing attributes may not be listed in data-sharing attribute clauses, except for the cases listed below.
and thus saying explicitly that assumed-size arrays are not permitted is redundant.
I know this change was already in 3.0, but 3.0 forgot to explicitly say that assumed-size is predetermined shared in the normative text.

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Re: Consequences of assumed-size being predetermined

Post by ejd »

Thank you for your comment. You are correct - it is being stated in multiple places and is a holdover from previous specifications. Now that assumed size arrays are listed as predetermined there really is no need to continue listing them in other areas. I have placed this on the list of items to be reviewed before the specification is finalized.