Question about omp_get_wtime

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Question about omp_get_wtime

Post by juaninf »

in this function omp_get_wtime
For example if two treads A and B, A takes 5 and the other 5 and running at the same time, it will get 5 or 10?


Re: Question about omp_get_wtime

Post by cswb625 »

you get two times 5 for the two threads.


Re: Question about omp_get_wtime

Post by ruud »

It all depends on how you use this function. The most common use is something like this:

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t_start = omp_get_wtime();
#pragma omp parallel
t_end = omp_get_wtime() - t_start;
That will give you the elapsed time of the parallel region.

Kind regards, Ruud