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Use this forum to discuss the book: Using OpenMP - Portable Shared Memory Parallel Programming, by Barbara Chapman, Gabriele Jost and Ruud van der Pas Read the http://openmp.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=465 for book info and to download the examples. Post your feedback about the book and examples to this forum
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Welcome to the Forum!

Post by ruud »

Using OpenMP - The Book and Examples

Use this forum to discuss the book: Using OpenMP- Portable Shared Memory Parallel Programming
by Barbara Chapman, Gabriele Jost and Ruud van der Pas
http://mitpress.mit.edu/catalog/item/de ... &tid=11387
Examples: http://openmp.org/examples/Using-OpenMP ... -Distr.zip

The sources are available as a free download under the BSD license. Each source comes with a copy of the license. Please do not remove this.

You are encouraged to try out these examples and perhaps use them as a starting point to better understand and perhaps further explore OpenMP.

Each source file constitutes a full working program. Other than a compiler and run time environment to support OpenMP, nothing else is needed.

With the exception of one example, there are no source code comments. Not only are these examples very straightforward, they are also discussed in the above mentioned book.

As a courtesy, each source directory has a make file called "Makefile". This file can be used to build and run the examples in the specific directory.

Before you do so, you need to activate the appropriate include line in file Makefile. There are include files for several compilers and Unix based Operating Systems (Linux, Solaris and Mac OS to precise). These files have been put together on a best effort basis.

The User's Guide that is bundled with the examples explains this in more detail.

Please post your feedback about the book and/or these examples to this forum.


Re: Welcome to the Forum!

Post by RichieV »

Hey ruud
This going to be a great forum for me. I just bought the book and tried to get the first example going using Fedora Linux and gcc. Well I got it to compile using -c in the command line. The compiler put a hidden file in my working directory but I was not able to get it to run. I think I'll be able to solve the problem after going through the download examples. I'll strart a new thread if I have any trouble. Thanks again.
RichieV in Huntington Beach, CA, USA.


Re: Welcome to the Forum!

Post by ruud »

Hi Richie,

I apologize for the delay getting back to you. I'm on the road, as usual, and it is hard to keep up with all activities.

Thank you very much for buying the book and your interest in these examples!

I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulties getting the first example to run on Fedora. I tested the examples using gcc on CentOS. It might be good to get the latest version of gcc. Please let me know if you have can not get these examples to work. I'll be more than happy to help.

Kind regards, Ruud