Using openMP in FORTRAN?

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Using openMP in FORTRAN?

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Here is the general layout of what I'm doing: I am doing an optimization problem where I'm running parallel monte carlo calculations which should produce N (the number of nodes) double precision numbers. I then need to pass all those to the master thread and determine the lowest one and then restart the whole process with the data produced with that thread until exit conditions are met. Can someone help me out with the psuedo code with particular emphasis on the !$OMP commands I need to use for this. Thanks!


Re: Using openMP in FORTRAN?

Post by imediaconverter »

any one using openMP in Delphi?

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Re: Using openMP in FORTRAN?

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imediaconverter wrote:any one using openMP in Delphi?
Yet I have not seen any OpenMP for Free Pascal and Delphi but you have one alternative. You can see a comparison here: ... mandelbrot
OpenMP for fortran and C/C++ is more effective
Just mandelbrot is tricky as the output file must be stored in a better way (like some kind of image)
Take a look at John Burkardt's Home Page!