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Post by nathanweeks »

Are Fortran assumed-sized arrays meant to have some predetermined data-sharing attribute in OpenMP 3.0?
Page 316, lines 9-10 of the OpenMP 3.0 API spec state:
Fortran assumed-size arrays now have predetermined data-sharing attributes (see Section on page 78).
and page 79, line 15, which is in the section that lists cases where a variable with a predetermined data-sharing attribute may be listed in a data-sharing attribute clause, states:
Assumed-size arrays may be listed in a shared clause.
However, no mention is made on p. 78 of assumed-size arrays having their data-sharing attribute predetermined.
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Re: Assumed-size

Post by Dieter »

I just learnt from the collegues of the Lang Committee that the compiler can't generate code to find out how big the assumed-size array is. So it has to be shared - and thus it is predetermined.
So there is a bullet missing on page 78:

* Assumed-size arrays are shared.

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