omp_get_schedule() discrepancy

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omp_get_schedule() discrepancy

Post by nathanweeks »

There may be a discrepancy in the OpenMP 3.0 spec on page 124, lines 16-17, in the description of the effect of omp_get_schedule():
This routine returns the run-sched-var ICV in the team executing the parallel region to which the routine binds.
However, the description of run-sched-var in section 2.3.1 mentions "There is one copy of this ICV per task", and 124, line 14, states "The binding task set for an omp_get_schedule region is the generating task".
Nathan Weeks
Iowa State University HPC Group


Re: omp_get_schedule() discrepancy

Post by kusano »

Dear Nathan,

Thank you very much for your suggestion.
We will make a note for the next version of the specification.

Kazuhiro Kusano on behalf of ARB