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Welcome to the Draft 3.0 public comment forum

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2007 5:21 pm
by admin
This is a forum to provide the OpenMP Language Committee with feedback on the public review draft of the OpenMP 3.0 specification. The draft is available here: ... _draft.pdf

This is the first time we've tried to use a forum for public comment. If you have any trouble please send mail to You can also use this e-mail address if you wish to comment privately on the draft standard (or any other private communication with the OpenMP ARB) or if you don't wish to use this forum for any other reason.

The ARB warmly welcomes any comments, corrections and suggestions you have for Version 3.0. It is most helpful if you can refer to the page number and line number where appropriate. The public comment period will close on January 31, 2008.