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Technical Report 6 is released. Please submit feedback.

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 1:58 am
by m_van_waveren
OpenMP Technical Report 6 has been released and we welcome feedback. It can downloaded from

This Technical Report augments the OpenMP 4.5 Application Programming Interface Specification with language features for concurrent loops, task reductions, a runtime interface for first-party (OMPT) and for third-party tools
(OMPD), major extensions to the device constructs, memory allocation features, new task dependencies, and several clarifications and corrections.

You are welcome to submit your feedback on the Forum "TR6 - OpenMP 5.0 Draft Discussion". Please let us know which features you like and find useful, and also which you don't think are very useful. This TR is a draft of OpenMP 5.0, and it can be changed!