Call for cancellation structure simple example

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Call for cancellation structure simple example

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First of all, thank you all people involved in the examples document. It's a great work!

I'm trying to learn about the new 'cancel' directive and I find the examples a bit complicated. In addition to them, I propose a very simple example like this:

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int limit=500,greater_than_limit=0;
double vector[NELEM];
//vector initialization...
for(int i=0;i<NELEM;i++){
    if vector[i]>limit{
        greater_than_limit = i+1;
It only checks if a vector contains any element (no matter which of them) is greater than a defined limit. If this simple function is parallelized via OpenMP 4, I think it could be stopped with 'cancel', but I don't know how. Can someone, please, post a version using the OpenMP 4 'cancel' order? I suggest also the addition of this simple example to the document