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list item, extended list item, etc.

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:46 pm
by fewl9012
p27:20, C/C++, "A list item is a variable or array section."
p27:21, Fortran, "A list item is a variable, array section or common block name (enclosed in slashes)."

These sentences have been significantly shortened relative to 4.0, implying that array sections can now appear as any list item. Way down in section 2.4, array sections, restrictions, p45:7, "An array section can appear only in clauses where it is explicitly allowed."

So, perhaps page 27 should say: "A list item is a variable or, where allowed, an array section."

Or, perhaps, since the spec already defines two types of list items (list item and extended list item), it's easier to have a third type of list item: simple list item (variable / common block name), list item (include array sections), extended list item (include procedure name).