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index suggestions

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:43 pm
by fewl9012
The index term _OPENMP macro appears twice, for pages 298 and 33. It should be a single index term.

under clauses, "if Clause" appears, with Clause capitalized for no good reason

The combined constructs are indexed, but the composite constructs are not and should be.

Under constructs, "loop" is italicized, it should just be Roman

Just below that, "Loop SIMD" has Loop capitalized. Since 'parallel loop construct' and so on are not capitalized below this, Loop should be lower case here.

Several of the index terms under "construct" include the word "construct":
combined constructs, device constructs, tasking constructs (okay, these are plural), parallel loop construct, parallel loop SIMD construct, teams distribute parallel loop construct, teams distribute parallel loop SIMD construct, tasking
But not distribute parallel loop, distribute parallel loop SIMD, target parallel loop. Consistency would either add or remove (preferred) the word throughout this little section.

the index term "loop, 55", loop is in typewriter font. Since it is not a keyword on page 55, it should be Roman. Maybe add the word construct: "loop construct"

just below that, "loop SIMD Construct", Construct should not be capitalized

SIMD Constructs, likewise Constructs should not be capitalized

Simple Lock Routines should not be capitalized.