Fortran declare simd and generics

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Fortran declare simd and generics

Post by fewl9012 »

declare simd may only be used for non-generic names. What if I have a specific routine that is in a generic interface block, as:
module m
interface bungle
module procedure bungler
module procedure bumblebee
end interface
function bunglea( a )
real bunglea, a
!$omp declare simd
end function
function bumblebee( b )
integer bumblebee, b
end bumblebee
end module
subroutine otherroutine
use m
!$omp simd
do i = 1, n
x(i) = bungle( y(i) )

if x and y are real, does bungle get resolved to bungler and the simd version get used in this loop?