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Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:45 am
by jakub
On pp152-153, map clause is said to allow array sections and not allow threadprivate variables. Shouldn't the text say something about sections of threadprivate arrays too? What about side-effects in array section lower-bound and/or length? In many places the OpenMP standard says that it is unspecified or undefined how many times and when exactly side-effects from some clauses are evaluated. Is this the case for depend/map clauses with array sections too (then the text should mention it somewhere), or must they be evaluated exactly once per each occurrence of them in any of the clauses? What about sequence points if there are multiple side-effects in multiple clauses?
Also, the description of to/from clauses doesn't seem to talk about array sections (and the restriction that one can't use threadprivate vars one can perhaps imply from the fact that there needs to be some mapping already), array they allowed also for to/from? If yes, shouldn't the standard mention it (and similarly the threadprivate restrictions)?