Taking advantage of Environment Variables ! When ?

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Taking advantage of Environment Variables ! When ?

Postby Karthik » Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:51 am

Hey guys, recently I have started using openMP and I was given a project to parallelize Strassen's Matrix multiplication. It was a challenging deal but I got pretty decent results :)

I tweaked the code with only the pragma directives and stuff. I was using Code::Blocks.
I then jumped into Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform, which is a very good tool for using openMP.

I then started playing around with Environment Variables. I was naive and so, as per the
definition of OMP_PROC_BIND(which says, it improves performance if your threads do not jump around the cores)
i just tried setting it to true, hoping to fix my 4threads
to the 4Cores, and hoping for more performance, but It was SLOWER !

Hence, came the question !

Be it any environment variable, when should you judiciously MODIFY them?
Are there any good COMBINATIONS of environment variables you can setup for ANY openMP program, to improve performance?

Please help,

Karthik Rangaraju !

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