OpenMP elapsed time is not a constant

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Re: OpenMP elapsed time is not a constant

Postby Ernst0 » Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:48 pm

Hey that's great news smartyyf

I have my system back installed after finding out the hard way there is conflict in Grub if you have both Sata and Ide drives with grub on them.

Grub tries to be smart and I give it points for that; however, the monkey at the switches didn't know what he was doing.

Hell what Can I complain about? Look at the technology at my fingers.. A boy hood fantasy that it would be this way.
Actually I was more practical with my dreams of the future. The reality is more then I dreamed.

Well back now to learning about openMP. I have also a need to define my next project.

I believe I will try my hand at data compression. You know compressing the uncompressable.

BTW did you get the Opteron , or I7? The I7 looks like a direct threat to the Opteron.

I wanted to get dual opterons but the prices need to adjust before I drop that kind of coin.

Perhaps the I7 is a bright star? Hey AMD what's your answer 45nm ??


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