Would like a couple of mods for OpenMP subreddit

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Would like a couple of mods for OpenMP subreddit

Postby estrabd » Tue May 29, 2012 6:43 am

I created this over a year ago before my official association with OpenMP unfortunately ended, but I wanted to point out that this is a good way to promote outreach to the sort of technical folks you're interested in bringing into the fold of users.


It currently has 21 readers, but I feel like with more content and activity, this could rise significantly.

I am currently one of two moderators on the subreddit (the other is mod of r/Fortran), but would be more than happy to open it up to anyone operating as a vender-neutral representative of the ARB or cOMPunity. I don't ask that you pretend you're not affiliated with a vendor or particular institution, but I do ask that moderators execute their "duties" in a way that promotes OpenMP as a standard, community, and a generally cool software solution.

You can request to become an admin by logging into Reddit, going to the link on the bottom right that reads 'message moderators'. Please identify yourself, your institution/affiliation, and a little about your role on the ARB and/or how you use OpenMP.

Thank you,

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