not getting 100% of CPUs performance

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not getting 100% of CPUs performance

Postby Pomeron » Mon Jan 30, 2012 7:04 am

Dear All,

I wanted to parallelize "for" loop with usual #pragma omp parallel for. The code runs perfectly, but the usage of all my cores(4) is not constant. When the program starts, I see 100% of CPU usage (by using Resource Monitor in Windows 7), each of four cores is loaded. It's perfect and should be so. But then I see, that the total load (according to Resource Monitor) drops to 75%, 50% or even 25% during the run (I see, that some of the cores does nothing during the run). This is very strange, since I expect all of them to perform calculation.

I tried to play with num_threads(), omp_set_num_threas(), e.t.c. It does not help. Sometimes, the code runs 100% till the end, but more often it drops down during the run.

I do NOT run anything in parallel (program) at that time, I use only VS2008 with OpenMP, that is it.

Does anyone have ideas why it so?



Re: not getting 100% of CPUs performance

Postby DibyenduDas1 » Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:03 pm

Your threads are probably suffering from load imbalance. You need to study the code to see whether all the threads have a similar kind of load or not. Also, please check your configuration to see what scheduling algorithm you are using.

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